The National Promotion Program for Humanities and Social Sciences Non-Profit Framework Inc. (NPHSC-NPF Inc.) is a collaboration platform for human-focused non-profit organizations including academia and civil society. The Framework ensures excellence by housing and guiding programs, and publishing and promoting work that fits our mandate for furthering the study evolution of thought related to human and social existence.

Be Human

Our greatest fragilities are often are greatest strength. For centuries literature has explored the interconnection between trauma and being alive. Pain is good. Pain is human. Without struggle, would be want to be alive?

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Live Human

The best things in life are free. Humans have been documenting what being alive has meant to them for thousands of years, explore art, literature and history and discover how much we people have in common over millennia.

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Stay Human

What is you could do anything, be anyone, go anywhere? Futurists are predicting the singularity, or the merger of humans and technology may happen sooner than we think. Will you participate?

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